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Renaud Lavillenie to compete at Malmö Games, February 25

Wednesday September 3 the tickets to Malmö Games will be released and can be booked at Now the organizer reveals the first star athlete that will compete in the Malmö Arena.

The man who broke Sergey Bubkas legendary world record in pole vault, Renaud Lavillenie, France has agreed to follow Malmö Games move to Malmö Arena and compete on February 25, 2015! Lavillenie set a new world record on February 15 this year with 6.16 m and is aiming to jump even higher.

“After some pre discussions Renaud confirmed his participation in Malmö and we are pleased to be able to present one of the biggest stars in athletics.”, says Rajne Söderberg, meeting director for Malmö Games.

“The date February 25 fits my planning very well and I will be in good shape since the European Indoor Championships is starting the week after. I look forward to jumping high at the Malmö Games in the Malmö Arena”, says Renaud Lavillenie.

“Malmö Games sets the bar high and I am sure Renaud will do the same in Malmö Arena”, says Bengt Bendéus, chairman and founder of Malmö Games.