Emperor clash in high jump at Malmö Games

Malmö Games 25 February in Malmö Arena offers the audience an intense fight in high jump between some of the world’s best high jumpers. The Indoor World Champion, Mutaz Essa Barshim from Qatar is one of them. Barshim has a person record of 2,43 metres and has during the previous season had several duels with his toughest competitor Bohdan Bondarenko, Ukraine, where some competitions resulted in serious tries at the world record hight 2,46 metres.

Barshim, who often trains in Malmö and is coached by the former Malmö coach Staninslav Szczyrba, looks forward to a high qualitative indoor season. He is aiming at the world record each time he competes and plans only three competitions and will end the season in Malmö 25 February, Will we experience a world record in Malmö Arena?

Barshim will get tough competition from Ivan Ukhov, Russia. He always does a good indoor season and is also reigning olympic champion from London and was second after Bashim at the Indoor World Championships. Ukhov was very close to set a world record last indoor season and had several competitions over 240 this year with the best of 2,42 ­ on Februari 25! This calls for an exciting clash of champions in Malmö 25 February.

“We are proud to present the world’s best high jumpers in Malmö and are looking forward to a competition of top class. It feels also very special to have Mutaz competing at Malmö Games since we over the years have, very close here in Malmö, been able to follow his development to the world’s best high jumper under the guidience of Stanly Szcsyrba”, says meeting director Rajne Soderberg.

Bohdan Bondarenko has not yet decided if he will do an indoor season but has expressed that if he does he will be glad to come to Malmö Games. 


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