Kostas Filippidis

Very happy about 5,70m, happy about many good jumps and loved the audience. Already preparing for Rio which is my big target. Will change a bit in my training. First time in Malmo and loved it a lot and would love to come back.

Kim Collins

Happy about the win but I feel some pain , cramp.

Love to compete and will do my best all summer and hope to win again.

Mike Rodgers

Second place and not happy at all with the race and time.

Aiming for the podium in Beijing, will not be easy but thats my goal.

I will also try to do some more 200 m and make good results.

Alina Talay

I came a bit to close to the first hurdle and tried hard to come back in the race.

Looking forward competing in the European Championship.

Lucy Hatton

Very happy about a new PB and to be able to match the other girl.

I would love to come back here, I love the tracks.