Wayde van Niekerk comes to Malmö Games

World Record holder, 400m OS and World Champion, Wayde van Niekerk, comes to Malmö Games. The South African 400 meter runner Wayde van Niekerk is the first athletics star to be ready for Malmö Games on Friday 18 August.

Wayde van Niekerk has the 400m world record with a little unimaginable 43.03, which he put in the Rio de Janerio Olympic Games. He erased Michael Johnson’s record at 43.18 from 1999 in Secilla, which everyone thought was unbeatable. He became world champion on the Beijing Olympic Games in 2015. We can expect a world-class race at Malmö Stadium’s newly established courses. Malmö Games will be the only race in Europe except Zurich as Wayde van Niekerk runs after the World Cup in London this summer.

The fastest 400 meter race at Malmö Stadium belongs to British Roger Black, who recorded 44.7 in 1991. The fastest race a Swedish has run at the Malmö Stadium is 45.12 and it was Johan Wissman 2007. MAI’s Jimisola Laursen had the previous record at 45.54 from 2001. Johan Wissman has the Swedish and Nordic record at the very good time 44.56 as he Ran in Osaka August 29, 2007. During the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro in 2016, Wayde van Niekerk ran into a single majesty on track eight and managed to cross the finish line. The only one ever won 400 meters in an Olympic Games from track eight.

Last year, Wayde van Niekerk was also the 107th sprinter in the athletics story that ran for ten seconds at 100 meters. He became the first sprinter in the world to sprint 100 meters for ten seconds, 9.98, 200 meters for 20 seconds (19.94) and 400 meters for 44 seconds (43.03). Ð Wayde van Niekerk is the first of the world names we welcome to Malmö Games, “says Daniel Wessfeldt, Meeting Director. Now we are working on contracting multiple athletics stars and expect at least three, four world names to be completed in the next month. Malmö Games is a world-class athletics competition with the Malmö General Sports Association, MAI, and the Malmö Athletic International Foundation as organizers.

For more information: Daniel Wessfeldt, Meeting Director, Mobil: + 46 (0)70 – 410 46 06.

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