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We are very happy to announce the decision that Malmö Stadion will be saved for at least ten years.

The City of Malmö has decided that and they shall also install new tracks for SEK 5m.

We have been fighting for this during many years but it was rejected. The former director of Sports told us to finance the tracks ourselves. We were also asked to pay for an insurance, which should cover music events, because they could damage the tracks.

Now the City of Malmö has changed their decision and we are so pleased and thankful for that. Athletics in Malmö will now have its right position and we can arrange an athletic gala meeting during the coming ten years. Wonderful!

The first opportunity to have international athletes on the new tracks at the Malmö Stadion will be during the summer of 2017.12524083_445124402360684_7241680397089473314_n

During that year the World Championships will be orginised in London during the month of August. We will now try to find out if Malmö Games can get a suitable date before or after the London event.

What a day! We celebrate the fact that we now can organize at least ten years of Malmö Games at the Malmö Stadion from 2017!



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