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Impossible demands by the City of Malmö puts an end Malmö Games on Aug 5.

Instead Malmö Games will move inside to Malmö Arena in February next year.

The Foundation Malmö Athletics International,decided at a board meeting to move the planned meet on August 5 from Malmö Stadion to Malmö Arena, where a large international indoor meet will be held in February next year. Usain Bolt was scheduled to run the 100 m at Malmö Stadium, but because of the unreasonable demands made by Malmö City in a proposed agreement for a new track surface, it will not take place.

The foundation’s chairman, Bengt Bendéus, said:

” – We are very disappointed and sad. We have done everything in our power to bring about an arrangement agreement. But Malmö City, has made it impossible for us by inserting unrealistic demands in the negotiations.

One of the citys claims is that the new track will be completed on July 7, 10 days earlier than previously agreed upon, which can not be accepted by the German contractors BSW and TellBau. The city also wants a fine of SEK 500 000 if the track is not completed on time, even if the weather would not allow the schedule to be followed.

The existing runways are in deplorable condition and are in urgent need of renovation. They have been ruined by careless handling of equipment without protection of the track. It has caused big holes in the track.

The director of Malmö Leisure departement, Bo Sjöström, has not only demanded that Malmö Games will pay the new track, but he also wants the Foundation to pay 200 000 SEK at all entertainment arrangements, eg musical concerts, at the stadium in order to protect the track.

Malmo Games can ofcaurse not be responsible for these costs. It must be a matter for the City of Malmö to ensure the daily operation of their facilities and ehen protective cover of the track must be done. Why should Malmö Games pay damages that occur at other events?

Rajne Soderberg, Meeting Director of Malmö Games said:

” – We will instead focus on an indoor meet in Malmö Arena in February 2015, since we do not want to deprive the citizens of Malmö the chance to see the world’s elite athletes compete. It is of course very sad that it will not be at Malmö Stadium, not just for athletics but for all of Malmö. We will continue to fight for that one day be able to conduct the event at Malmö Stadium, which is also needed for the athletics daily activities.”


Malmo Games has made an agreement with Malmö Arena to arrange an indoor meet in February 2015.