Erica Jarder tested today the new runways

Erica Jarder tested on Friday the new runways to Malmö Games and they were approved with praise.

“It’s the perfect jumping tracks, bouncy but stable,” says Erica Jarder and looks forward to competing in Malmö Arena on 25 February.

Meeting Director, Rajne Söderberg also unveiled another new feature that can change how the long- and triple jump is performed in the future. The long jump competition at Malmö Games, which is a mixed competition with 6 men and 6 women, will be implemented with the long jump board as a takeoff zone. Thus, who actually jumps the longest will win, not the one who has luck on his side with a take off as close to the fault line as possible. Söderberg believes that athletics needs to be modernized and to implement a long jump competition in this way means that the number of fault jumps are minimized, the jumper can use their maximum capacity in every attempt and the audience get to see a more qualitative competition.

Jarder is very supportive of this innovation and believe it is the future of horizontal jumps in track and field.

The athletics tracks is produced by Malmö Games partners, BSW. A German company that specializes in sports floor and the creators of the worlds fastest athletics tracks so far, called Regupol.

In total will 989,4 m2 athletics track be installed in the Malmö Arena for the Malmö Games.