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Daniel Wessfeldt’s new mission:

SPORT STARS to be drawn to Malmö.PRESS eng

Daniel Wessfeldt, who is well known throughout the athletic world, has agreed to become the new Meeting Director for Malmo Games, MAI’s new large annual indoor athletics Gala in Malmö Arena. Daniel succeeds Rajne Söderberg who has stepped down to concentrate on his profession as a doctor.



“My job will be to attract the world’s best athletes to the gala in Malmö,” says Daniel, “and to create the right conditions for them to produce strong performances in an exciting competition. This will be a challenge for the world stars, we the organizers and the audience, that we hope will come and enjoy the Gala.”

Bengt3“It will be exciting to work with Daniel and together try to make Malmo Games a world-class competition,” says Bengt Bendeus, President and Founder of the Foundation Malmo Athletics International and Honorary President of MAI.

“Rajne Söderberg helped us have a successful start with Malmo Games in 2015, and we thank him for his important contribution. We will continue to invite the best athletes in the world and give the audience in Malmo, world-class sports. It is my way of giving back to the sport what it has given me.”


Daniel and Bengt are now co-operating together to make sure Malmo Games is an even better event next year. Both have an extensive, unique and true personal experience of high-level international sporting events.

Daniel Wessfeldt, once a good hurdler in the MAI athletics club and now for many years one of the worlds leading sports agents with a big team of sporting stars. Daniel is now headquartered in Malmö after ten years in Monte Carlo.

In his team are many champions, including Michel Torneus, David Oliver, Fabiana Murer, Yelena Isinbaeva, Blanka Vlasic, Sandra Perkovic and swimming star Sarah Sjostrom to name a few. Former Swedish world stars that have been under Wessfeldts management are Kajsa Bergqvist, Stefan Holm, Christian Olsson and Susanna Kallur.

Bengt Bendeus, once Sweden’s best shot-putter, now an international businessman based in Dubai, has found his way back to Malmo, where his career as a businessman once started, to work with Malmo Games and MAI.

“I am very pleased that Daniel Wessfeldt has agreed to become the new Meeting Director, he is well known in the athletics world for his honesty, knowledge, experience and his friendly manners when dealing with everyone. He is professional and responsible and I am very happy to work with Daniel to make Malmo Games even better in February 2016.”

For further information please contact:

Bengt Bendeus +971 50 55 22 961

Daniel Wessfeldt +46 70 410 46 06