Malmo Games update

Hi all Malmo Games-friends and MAI-supporters!bild annons1

You will no doubt be surprised to hear that there will be no Malmo Games in February next year.

But Malmo International Athletics Foundation will continue to work to support the athletics in Malmo and in the south of Sweden.

Perhaps Malmo Games will be back in 2017 if the interest among possible sponsors will be higher.

The Foundation will stay in the corner room in the Atleticum building and we will work on different projects.

We want to keep in contact with all the officials, the suppliers, the MAI-supporters, young people and parents with strong interest in athletics.


You will soon hear from us in the Foundation.


Best regards,

President: Bengt Bendéus

Member of the board: Daniel Wessfeldt

Member of the board: Lars Johnsson          

Member of the board: Jimisola Laursen