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Impossible demands by the City of Malmö puts an end Malmö Games on Aug 5.

Instead Malmö Games will move inside to Malmö Arena in February next year.

The Foundation Malmö Athletics International,decided at a board meeting to move the planned meet on August 5 from Malmö Stadion to Malmö Arena, where a large international indoor meet will be held in February next year. Usain Bolt was scheduled to run the 100 m at Malmö Stadium, but because of the unreasonable demands made by Malmö City in a proposed agreement for a new track surface, it will not take place.

The foundation’s chairman, Bengt Bendéus, said:

” – We are very disappointed and sad. We have done everything in our power to bring about an arrangement agreement. But Malmö City, has made it impossible for us by inserting unrealistic demands in the negotiations.

One of the citys claims is that the new track will be completed on July 7, 10 days earlier than previously agreed upon, which can not be accepted by the German contractors BSW and TellBau. The city also wants a fine of SEK 500 000 if the track is not completed on time, even if the weather would not allow the schedule to be followed.

The existing runways are in deplorable condition and are in urgent need of renovation. They have been ruined by careless handling of equipment without protection of the track. It has caused big holes in the track.

The director of Malmö Leisure departement, Bo Sjöström, has not only demanded that Malmö Games will pay the new track, but he also wants the Foundation to pay 200 000 SEK at all entertainment arrangements, eg musical concerts, at the stadium in order to protect the track.

Malmo Games can ofcaurse not be responsible for these costs. It must be a matter for the City of Malmö to ensure the daily operation of their facilities and ehen protective cover of the track must be done. Why should Malmö Games pay damages that occur at other events?

Rajne Soderberg, Meeting Director of Malmö Games said:

” – We will instead focus on an indoor meet in Malmö Arena in February 2015, since we do not want to deprive the citizens of Malmö the chance to see the world’s elite athletes compete. It is of course very sad that it will not be at Malmö Stadium, not just for athletics but for all of Malmö. We will continue to fight for that one day be able to conduct the event at Malmö Stadium, which is also needed for the athletics daily activities.”


Malmo Games has made an agreement with Malmö Arena to arrange an indoor meet in February 2015.

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TV4 broadcast Malmö Games August 5

Malmö Games and TV4 has concluded a cooperation agreement which means that the competition will be broadcasted live in the main channel between 20:00 and 22:00 on 5 August. The new athletic meet Malmö Games, which have already received the green light from the world’s fastest man Usain Bolt and the new worldrecord holder in pole vault Renaud Lavillenie, will already in the first year get a very good television exposure, through the broadcast on TV4 in the best possible airtime.

Malmö Games is actively working to make a TV production adapted for advertising-based television channels so that viewers will not miss any race, jump, or throw during the commercial breaks.

“We are very excited about the partnership with TV4 and look forward to a fruitful collaboration. TV4, Malmö Games and the production company NCP will together change the way a track meet is shown in an ad-based channel”. says Rajne Söderberg, Meeting Director Malmo Games.

“It’s incredibly fun that it now becomes another world class athletic meet in Sweden and of course great that we at TV4 can spice up a groovy track and field summer with Usain Bolt on Swedish soil. We know that athletics is very popular with our viewers and Malmö Games is a perfect build-up  to the European Championships in Zurich the week after.” says Fredrik Olofson, Sporting Director TV4 Group.


For more info please contact:
Rajne Söderberg , Malmö Games +46 (0)70 59 35 982
Fredrik Olofson , TV4 +46 (0)70 42 45 524

Malmö Games enters into cooperation with New Century Productions (NCP)

NCP is a Swedish production company with vast experience of producing sport events and entertainment and is hired world wide for production of athletic events. The have produced Olympic Games and World Championships as well as several Diamond League meetings. Malmö Games and NCP have now entered into an unique cooperation which means that Malmö Games will have full control over the TV production and not, as is customary within athletics, that it is done by the national TV company that is broadcasting the event. Together Malmö Games and NCP offer the broadcast rights to TV companies that thereby are guaranteed a first class production.

“The good reputation of NCP and their well documented experience gives Malmö Games 5th of August an excellent negotiation position towards TV companies and at the same time we are breaking new grounds by offering TV companies broadcasting rights without thinking of production costs”, says Rajne Soderberg, Meeting Director of Malmö Games.

“It is exciting to be part of the creation of the new event Malmö Games. The experienced team behind the event guarantees high ambition and quality. We believe in the idea of the organizer having full control over the TV production and it is a pleasure to produce Malmö Games featuring world class athletes like Usain Bolt”, says Anders Yttergård, Head of Production NCP

For further info please contact:
Rajne Söderberg, Malmö Games +4670 5935982
Anders Yttergård, NCP +4631 3366285
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Renaud Lavillenie is coming to Malmö Games

2014-03-09 11.58.35The fresh new record holder in pole vault, Renaud Lavillenie, France has agreed to participate in Malmö Games, August 5, 2014! Twenty three years ago, exactly on August 5, the legendary Sergey Bubka set a new world record in Malmö with 6.10 m. Lavillenie set a new world record on February 15 this year with 6.16 and he is aiming even higher in the summer and the tradition to jump high in Malmö on August 5 sounds promising.
“After some pre discussions did Renaud under IWC in Sopot confirm his participation in Malmö and we are pleased to be able to present the latest world record setter in athletics in Malmö”, says Daniel Wessfeldt, board member in the organizing committee for Malmö Games.
“The date August 5 does fit my planning very well and I will be in good shape since the European Championships is starting the week after. It will be great fun to try to break Sergey Bubka’s stadium record”, says Renaud Lavillenie.

Malmö Games new date, August 5th 2014!

Thanks to Usain Bolt, Malmö Games has now been able to change date and thereby has the meeting been sanctioned by both the Swedish Athletic Federation and European Athletics.
Usain has changed his competition and training schedule to accommodate the request from Malmö Games to change competition date to Tuesday August 5th, 2014. He says that he very much wanted to help Malmö to establish a new competition in Europe and by moving to August 5th the earlier problem with the sanction is solved.

“There is always the need for new major athletics competitions in Europe and I will come to Malmö on August 5th to inaugurate the new track and put on a good performance for the fans” he says to the organizer of Malmö Games.

– We are grateful to Usain Bolt for his kindness and change of date. Now we shall thank him by getting a new track at Malmö Stadium and fill the stands with spectators on August 5, says Bengt Bendéus, Chairman of the MAI foundation.

For more info contact:
Meeting Director Rajne Soderberg, +46 70 59 35 982
Chairman Bengt Bendéus, +971 50 55 22 961

Usain Bolt captured prestigious ESPY award

Global track superstar Usain Bolt captured prestigious ESPYS award for a third time. Bolt claimed his third hold on the award after beating out Lionel Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo and Novak Djokovic to be named the Best International Athlete at the ceremony that was held at the Nokia Theatre in Los Angeles.

An ESPY Award (short for Excellence in Sports Performance Yearly Award) is an accolade presented by the American cable television network ESPN to recognize individual and team athletic achievement and other sports-related performance during the calendar year preceding a given annual ceremony. Award winners are chosen through voting by fans, sportswriters, broadcasters, sports executives, and sportspersons, collectively experts; or ESPN personalities.

The first ESPYs were awarded in 1993. As the similarly-styled Grammy (for music), Emmy (for television), Academy Award (for film), and Tony (for theatre), the ESPYs are hosted by a contemporary celebrity; the style, though, is more relaxed, light, and self-referential than that of many other awards shows, with comedic sketches usually included.


Malmö Games and Scandic enters into collaboration

Malmö Games first collaboration partner is Scandic Hotel, they have entered into an agreement extending over three years. Scandic receives the title ”Official Hotel” and Scandic Triangeln in Malmö will be the base för different meetings, press conferences, networking events and of course the official hotel during Malmö Games, August 19 2014.

”We appreciate having Swedens largest hotel chain as a longterm partner and official hotel for Malmö Games”, says Bengt Bendéus, chairman of the foundation Malmö Athletic International which organizes Malmö Games together with the athletic club Malmö AI.

Helene Arvidsson, CEO of Scandic Triangeln says: ”It will be exciting having Usain Bolt and all the other athletic stars as guests at Scandic. We will take good care of them! I myself did athletics when I was young, and admire all the different stars that travels here from all over the world next year. What an event it will be!”

The location of Scandic Triangeln is perfect with a 3 minute walking distance to and from the trains to Kastrup Airport and close to Malmö Stadium.

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Our logo

The logo is an important part of building a brand. Malmö Games logo has already received many positive responses. This is the creative process in the making of the logo:

A symbol that integrates in the name of the competition was an important part when creating the logo. A symbol that will be functionable in both print and other marketing productions and associate to the organisation as well as the event.

We decided early on a quadratic symbol. The shape is familiar to all, it is simple and appealing, but most of all it is useful. For the color of the symbol we chose one of the primary colors, blue. Because the color blue is associated with consciousness, intellect and is considered to be reliable, dedicated and is highly reputable.

A horizontal square provides a static impression, but a square standing on its end gives a sense of speed and movement. Just what we want Malmö Games to stand for.

Sprint is the event many consider the most interesting and receives the most media exposure. It is also the event Malmö Games wants to focus on, so what’s more natural than to place the familiar silhouette of a sprinter in the blue square? Add Malmö Games in a straight and heavy font, that gives the logo a sense of power and authority.

These elements put together in one logo was the reason the logo received standing ovations during the internal presentation.

Some small adjustments and adding a blue line that shoots out from the square and splits up the two words; Malmö and Games, and at the same time creates an entirety, completed the work.

Now it is easy and inspiring to work further with the logo in different forms, and the symbol as a separate entity in various products, that everyone eventually will take note of.

We want to thank our partner Corfitz Media for their contribution to the work.


Usain Bolt to Malmo, Sweden 2014!

It has been many years since there was a leading international athletic competition in Malmo, Sweden, but now that time has arrived. Tuesday August 19, 2014 will be the start of the new meeting Malmo Games. An athletic competition of international top class with the athletic club MAI and the newly formed foundation Malmo Athletic International as organisers. The star attraction of the meet is already confirmed, the worlds best athlete Usain Bolt from Jamaica. He has never before committed to a meet so far ahead, so it gives us extra pleasure to be able to announce his participation at this new athletic meet.

Usain Bolt says: ”It is very unusual for me to commit to a meet so far ahead, but I like to support new meets and I’m looking forward to be a part of Malmö Games and competing there in August 2014.”

The initiative to start Malmo Games was suggested by Bengt Bendéus, who was also the founder and chairman of the international meetings in Malmo during the 80’s and 90’s, in cooperation with Rajne Soderberg, former meeting director of DN Galan in Stockholm. MAI is the technical organizer, and the identity that applies for the permit. The foundation Malmo Athletic International has apart from Bendéus and Soderberg the members Lasse Johnson, long-time leader in the athletic club MAI and Daniel Wessfeldt, well known sports agent. Collectively they have experience of organising over 100 athletic meetings.